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The Lyons 
by: Nicky Silver
February 20 - March 7th
Directed by: Paul Graffy
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Ben Lyons is in a hospital where he is dying from cancer. His family gathers around him. They are his wife, Rita, and grown children, Curtis Lyons and Lisa Lyons. Also present is his nurse. Ben is no longer constrained by manners and says whatever he wishes, including expletives. Rita, trapped in a 40-year loveless marriage, now thinks of the future without Ben and plans to re-decorate.
Lisa is an alcoholic, who has left an abusive marriage; Curtis, gay, has had little to do with his father, who is homophobic. In a getaway from the hospital, Curtis looks at an apartment with the help of an actor moonlighting as a real estate agent.

Diane Davis
Michael Hennesey
Jesse Heindl
Victoria Diebler
Carol Clarke
Paul Nicodemi

Tickets now on sale!

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